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The Work Styles Predictor (WSP)

The Work Styles Predictor is an online hiring tool used to select the best candidates for the job. It is employed by organizations across industries to help them identify high-potential performers, those with the right work attitude and skills for the job.

Work Styles Predictor features

WSP Reports

The WSP creates reports that are accurate and clear!

Our report displays a green, yellow or red signal to facilitate fast decisions. We also provide value ratings for each work attitude and skill dimension.

The WSP identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your applicants in areas such as dependability, team orientation, customer service, safety orientation and more.

And you get even more: Our WSP report generates follow-up, test-linked interview questions based on the candidate’s test item responses, providing a thorough selection process.

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Competitive Market Analysis

How We CompareWSPSimilar Tools
Fully Customizeablecheck mark
Complementary Technical Supportcheck markcheck mark
Online Assessment Toolcheck markcheck mark
Test-Linked Interview Questionscheck mark
Easy to Interpret Resultscheck mark
Multiple Languagescheck markcheck mark

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