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Outstanding Customer Service and always available any time of the day or night.

After the project was over, E·A·S·I–Consult continued to support their product as several internal post project issues came up. In other words, they did not just turn over the product and walk away.

~ Director at GSA Public Buildings Service

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This is the most realistic development experience I have had so far at my firm. I know it is part of an assessment and development effort at the company, but it is so realistic I easily found the energy to become fully involved, even though the demands of my own clients are very intense at this time.

It’s true I needed to learn all about a new client, but in this experience I learned a lot that I can immediately apply as soon as tomorrow with my own client.

~ Executive at Hewlett-Packard

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The advice and insight of the E·A·S·I–Consult Executive Coach who worked with me proved valuable, and his uncanny ability to read strengths and areas for development will serve as my roadmap to developing into a stronger and more capable leader.

I plan to stay in close contact with him as I am confident his advice and perspective will help me meet challenges with thoughtful and well developed solutions.

~ Executive at a Fortune 500 company

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The interviewing process is definitely flowing much better. Following E·A·S·I–Consult’s in-person training on the new hiring procedures, I received a lot of positive feedback, and the picture is much clearer now.

~ Irma Uriate, Human Resources Director, Jerome’s Furniture

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As OSF leads transformation in the healthcare industry, the partners we choose to help navigate growth during ambiguous and changing times are important. E·A·S·I–Consult fits that bill for our Talent Development!

~ Todd VanNest, Executive Director, Ministry Leadership Formation, OSF Healthcare

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E·A·S·I–Consult has been a strategic partner in assisting us with job requirements, selection, and compensation.

~ Neil Underwood, President, Live Oak Bank

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Excellent in all aspects. Extremely professional, courteous, flexible, a pleasure to work with. Adept at overcoming unforeseen challenges, and we certainly had our share of them with this effort. E·A·S·I–Consult adapted and shifted to make the project a stellar success.

~ Project Manager at the U.S. Department of Defense