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· Competency-based

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Structured Interviews

Competency-based interviews ensure you hire the best!

Research shows that quality interviews result in quality employees.

Typical interviews lack preparation and structure. We can eliminate that quickly and efficiently. With our E·A·S·I Interviews library you can build customized interviews in as few as 10 minutes.

Create Your Own Interview

E·A·S·I Interviews allows you to quickly create your own customized interviews, unique to your industry and your business.

  • Review our Success Factors™ competency model
  • Choose competencies from our List
  • Download and print your customized interview
  • Begin interviewing with confidence
  • Low Cost: $195

Create Your Interview in 3 Easy Steps!

With only a few simple steps, our E·A·S·I Interviews will help your company build a quality workforce.



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