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An HR colleague introduced me to the DISC and suggested that I use it to hire our employees. It looks interesting.  Is he right?  Should I consider using it?  What do I need to know before moving forward?  

Leader with a Test

Director of Human Resources

(An International Food Supplier)


Dear Leader with a Test,

In the HR and talent management environment, the use of psychological assessments and employment tests has witnessed a surge in recent years, with a growing trend worldwide. However, this surge has also increased the proliferation of test vendors, making it challenging for organizations to choose the proper tests for their specific needs. It is essential to select employment tests carefully– considering their validity, relevance, and legal implications.

The Pitfall of Impulsive Testing

Just as one wouldn’t buy a remedy without knowing the ailment, it’s unwise for organizations to purchase employment tests without a clear understanding of their objectives. Many well-intentioned companies make this mistake, and managers often seek advice after acquiring tests. To avoid this pitfall, organizations should first ask what issues they aim to address with these tests, where their employees fall short in achieving business goals, and whether testing is genuinely necessary. For example, are you trying to improve the talent level of your organization? Is your organization in need of strengthening its internal culture?  Do you want to reduce employee turnover in your organization?

The Market Flooded with Tests

As the demand for employment tests grows, the market is flooded with various options. However, not all tests are equally valuable. According to a prominent assessment company’s president, there may be many tests with questionable value for every well-developed one. This highlights the importance of due diligence in test selection.

Navigating Legal Complexities

Choosing the proper employment test becomes even more complicated when considering employment and labor laws in different countries. Organizations with expatriate employees must often extend their country’s employment laws to foreign workers. The United States, for example, enforces anti-discrimination laws that restrict how tests can be used for HR decisions. It is crucial to ensure that tests measure job requirements to align with legal standards.

Assessing Test Validity

When choosing the right tests, understanding which personal characteristics are crucial for job success is fundamental. Over 50 years of research in employment testing have identified key personal dimensions of job performance. Mental abilities, interpersonal skills, motivation, interests, and values are the success factors that should be measured. Organizations often place excessive emphasis on training and education, overlooking these critical personal dimensions. Indeed, assessing candidates’ attitudes toward work (“work ethic”) is often overlooked. E.A.S.I-Consult has researched this for over 15 years, and we’ve successfully shown organizations the benefits of doing so. See https://easiconsult.com/work-styles-predictor/ and https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:6ffd215d-4b06-3b13-8c1f-93b1e9da6d7f

Looking Beyond Trophies

In practice, job requirements involve more than academic achievements or professional experience. Personal dimensions, often overlooked, play a pivotal role in job success. For instance, the skills required for managing sales projects differ from those needed for managing people. Therefore, it’s vital to consider personal characteristics – especially work attitude – beyond mere qualifications.

The Importance of Professionally Developed Tests

Professionally developed employment tests enhance HR decision-making. These tests improve the quality of decisions by assessing candidates based on their job-related qualities. The responsible use of such tests aids in selecting candidates who align with job requirements, promoting fairness and diversity in hiring.


Selecting the proper employment tests is crucial for organizations. It requires a thorough understanding of the tests’ validity, alignment with job requirements, and compliance with legal standards. As the market continues to offer an array of choices, organizations must exercise caution and perform due diligence when adopting these tests. Making informed choices in employment testing will ultimately contribute to better hiring decisions, a more diverse workforce, and a more vital organization overall.

Good luck hunting for the proper test for your needs!

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