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The new book “Developing Learning Agility-Using the Burke Assessments” by David Hoff and Warner Burke.

What’s New

Anuncio– La versión en español del Inventario Burke sobre Agilidad de Aprendizaje (LAI) no está disponible para su compra. Para consultas, contactar a David Hoff at al 314.209.9495 x702.

Announcing– The Burke Learning Agility Inventory® (LAI) Spanish Version is now available for purchase. For questions, contact David Hoff at or 314.209.9495 x702.

Burke Learning Agility Certification Sessions

Certification sessions allow participants to administer and give feedback on the Burke Learning Agility Suite of Assessments. Certification can be accomplished virtually online or through in-person sessions.

  • Online certification for one or more of the Burke assessments. Please contact David Hoff to arrange:
  • In person certification sessions for 4 or more people. Please contact David Hoff to arrange:

Upcoming Events-Update

E.A.S.I-Consult® will be a sponsor of the HRO High Potential and Succession Planning Conference which is being postponed until March 2022, specific date, and location to be determined.