Upcoming Dates

Burke Learning Agility Certification Sessions

These two-day sessions allow participants to complete certification to administer and give feedback on the Burke Learning Agility Suite of assessments.

  • May 1-3: Miami, FL. E.A.S.I. will attend the Association of Internal Management Consultants Conference (AIMC), and then host a Burke Certification session. Note: This program only is spread over three days.
  • June 19-20: Chicago, IL
  • July 24-25: Toronto, Canada
  • August 20-21: Philadelphia, PA


April 4-6:  E.A.S.I•Consult will host a booth at the SIOP Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD.

April 28-May 1: E.A.S.I•Consult will serve as a sponsor of the AIMC Annual Conference in Miami, FL. E.A.S.I•Consult and OSF Healthcare will receive the Internal/External Partner Award during the conference.

May 15-16: E.A.S.I•Consult will sponsor the Training and Management Alliance Conference in Atlanta, GA.