Why BYOD Needs Some Serious Thought

Today’s workforce seems to have better technology than their employers can provide. Employers are having a difficult time keeping up with high-tech devices made available almost each month.  As a result, many employees prefer bring-your-own-device policies (BYOD).  This has been attributed in part to millennials in white-collar positions who rely on their own technology for both work and play. But BYOD brings up a number of challenges and concerns for everyone.

From the employees’ side there is concern that their privacy may be at stake. They may worry that employers will inappropriately access their personal information stored on their laptops, tablets or smartphones. For employers the concerns are primarily related to security. From poor or no use of passwords, to lack of timeout functions, to the temptation to use unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots, the security concerns are real and valid. “For our employees we had to overcome the challenge of data backup on a real-time basis,” reports David E. Smith, Ph.D., president and CEO of EASI•Consult®.

The list of potential pitfalls goes on and is summarized in the SHRM article, “Bring-Your-Own Device Policies: What Employers Need to Know.” The authors, Paul G. Lannon and Phillip M, Schreiber, lay out key policy features that should be part of your BYOD policy statement.

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