Burke Learning Agility Inventory™ Predicts Leadership Success

Today, organizations are dealing with fast paced change. As a result, leaders need the ability to learn quickly from experience and the agility to apply new ideas rapidly. In recent leadership theory, this has become known as learning agility. The Burke Learning Agility Inventory™ (Burke LAI) has been researched for over five years and was recently “put to the test” of predicting leadership success.


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Burke LAI Predicts Key Outcomes

For those who have been eagerly waiting in anticipation, EASI–Consult® is pleased to share initial research results that suggest the Burke Learning Agility Inventory™ (Burke LAI) predicts key aspects of performance on the job!


An Overview of the Research

Recent research with healthcare leadership shows that the Burke LAI Total Score is a strong predictor of Results Orientation (driving aggressive goals to strategic targets) for mid-level and senior leaders. Correlation = .31 p < .01 N = 74.

The same research found that the Burke LAI Total Score correlates with Business Growth (Changing approaches to optimize outcomes). Correlation = .25;  p < .05;  N = 73.

Both Results Orientation and Business Growth are measures of business outcome, indicating that the Burke LAI is a valuable instrument in the prediction of business outcome and leadership success.


Additional Findings

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Seven of Nine Dimensions Linked to Success

The Burke LAI is made up of nine dimensions. Seven of those nine dimensions correlated with at least one of the eight leadership attributes used to evaluate leadership success. Correlations  ranged  from .23 to .39;  p < .05 to p < .01;  N = 74.

Speed is Dominant as a Predictor

The single-most robust Burke LAI dimension was Speed (acting on ideas quickly). Speed predicted leadership success for four leadership attributes, including Overall Performance. It neared prediction of an additional two attributes.

Stay Tuned: Additional Data Coming

Additional data from healthcare mid-level and senior leaders will be collected in the coming months.

“We are excited to see research support for what we have known to be true for some time,” notes Dr. Cardenas, vice president of business development and assessment solutions at EASI–Consult®. “As a robust and sound measure of learning agility, the Burke LAI is a valuable addition to anyone interested in measuring, predicting, and growing leadership success.”

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