360 Degree Burke Learning Agility Survey Certification

Recently, EASI•Consult® announced the introduction of the 360° Burke Learning Agility Survey™ (360° Burke LAS).

For a person assessing his or her own learning agility, the 360° Burke LAS allows them to gain input from four other perspectives. The most common perspectives test-takers select is their supervisor, direct reports and peers. For those people, particularly in sales positions, they might also survey customers. The options are unlimited up to the four categories and self, previously mentioned.

The output of the survey (the “report”) is extensive. There is an overall summary of the nine learning agility dimensions of “self vs. others.”  There is a summary, by perspective, for each dimension as well as summaries of the highest and lowest question scores. Following this, you’ll find a summary of your unrecognized strengths (areas where others scored you higher than you scored yourself) and blind spots (areas where you scored yourself higher than others scored you). To get very specific, the report provides information by dimension, by perspective, and by question/item. This is a large portion of the report with a significant amount of information.

In addition, there are “write-in” items.  Each respondent can provide qualitative information, which is then sorted by dimension. An individual report can be more than 40 pages. This caused EASI•Consult to rethink the certification process.

EASI•Consult has always offered the option to conduct feedback sessions. This may be a more desirable option for companies that don’t anticipate conducting a large number of assessments over a year’s time. For all others, we provide in-person certification.

What does the in-person certification consist of?  

It is a two-day training that comprises three parts.

Part one focuses on the theory and research surrounding learning agility. The training attempts to prepare those being certified (“consultant”) to be able to respond to almost any question a participant may have. In addition, consultants are required to deliver a “standard” presentation on learning agility and receive feedback on what went well and how they could improve. We understand that different organizations may customize the learning agility lecture, so we want to ensure consultants are comfortable with the basics.

The second part of the in-person certification involves data analysis. EASI•Consult has created six vignettes, or sample sets of Burke LAI Self Report data, along with a description of the participant. We now have six more extensive vignettes of 360° Burke LAS data. The training facilitators will role-play the people in the vignettes, and participants will need to assist the person to “validate” his or her data and develop a plan forward.

Part three involves how you plan to use the Burke LAI or the 360° Burke LAS – the application.  Let me use a couple of examples. If you intend to use the Burke LAI (Self Report) for selection, how are you going to announce this to the various stakeholders? Where will the Burke LAI “fit,” or be located, in the overall selection process? How will you determine a “cut score”? For the people you end up selecting, what will you do with the output of the Burke LAI? It could very well be integrated into your onboarding process.

Let’s say you are going to use the Burke LAI or the 360° Burke LAS as part of your performance appraisal process. Obviously, the place to introduce either of them is when you are talking about development plans. How do you ensure that someone has taken the instrument(s) and has the results during his or her review? How do you know the supervisor is prepared enough to incorporate one or two learning agility dimensions into a performance objective?  How do you ensure that the employee and supervisor understand learning agility and how it might be of value in the development part of performance management?

The third portion of certification training is an opportunity for participants to share their applications and receive feedback from the facilitators and their fellow participants about what they like in their plan and suggest things they might not have considered. Being able to present your plan in a practice environment may allow you to learn about questions or concerns you hadn’t anticipated. Being able to revise your application and prepare for those challenging questions in advance should then help you to successfully introduce the Burke LAI and or the 360° Burke LAS into your organization.

When we say in-person, we mean that, for the most part everyone would be in one location. But we are open to the option of “in-person” being virtual. We anticipate that some organizations will have sufficient internal employees to certify and so will want to do that “in-house.”  We plan to also offer “open enrollment” programs in different locations in the U.S. and globally. We will make those dates available as soon as they are determined.

The cost of the certification is $2,750 per person. A minimum of five people is needed to conduct a session. The maximum size for one group is 12 participants. Larger groups would need additional facilitators. Anyone previously certified on the Burke LAI will need to attend the in-person certification in order to purchase the 360° Burke LAS.

David Hoff is the chief operation officer and executive vice president for leadership development at EASI•Consult®. EASI•Consult® works with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and mid-sized corporations to provide customized Talent Management solutions. EASI•Consult® specialties include individual assessment, online employment testing, survey research, competency modeling, leadership development, executive coaching, 360-degree feedback, online structured interviews, and EEO hiring compliance. The company is a leader in the field of providing accurate information about people through professional assessment. To learn more about EASI•Consult®, visit www.easiconsult.com, email ContactUs@easiconsult.com or call 800.922.EASI.

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