360 Degree Burke Learning Agility Survey Offers Multi-Rater Feedback

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EASI•Consult® is pleased to announce the latest offering in the Burke Learning Agility Suite, the 360  Burke Learning Agility Survey (360 Burke LAS). It has been available for purchase since the beginning of May, and like the Burke LAI Self Report, it is an online tool.

The output of the new 360 degree model is a report with five levels of information. First, the survey allows you to request feedback from five different perspectives. Typically, that would include self, boss and direct reports, and could also comprise peers, customers or another group whose feedback the participants desires.

The levels of feedback are as follows:

  • Self versus others. This feedback is in the form of a “spider web,” with each of the nine learning agility dimensions designated as a side of the web. A seven-point Likert scale is used in the survey, so the further a dimension is from the center of the web, the higher you were rated in that area. There are two diagrams superimposed on one another. At the highest level, you- as the participant, can see how your perception of your own learning agility compares to an average of everyone else’s perception providing input.
  • Learning agility dimensions. You receive feedback for each of the nine learning agility dimensions from each of the groups providing input. For example, using the dimension of Flexibility, you can see your own rating, as well as the average for the people representing that perspective (boss, direct reports, etc.).
  • Five highest- and five lowest-rated questions. Your report will include the specific dimension represented by each of those questions, as well as the numeric average for each question.
  • Unrecognized strengths. This involves the five questions where people other than yourself, the the participant, scored you higher than you scored yourself. Blind Spots – There is also a list of blind spots – questions in which you rated yourself higher than the other raters rated you. For both sets of questions in this area, you will also know which learning agility dimension each question represents.
  • Questions and qualitative feedback. Each dimension has four questions attached to them, except Speed and Flexibility, which have five. You receive a rating for each question, and the average for each of the other perspectives (boss, direct reports, etc.). Open Ended Questions – There is another section where the other respondents are asked some open-ended questions. What should you continue to do to be successful? What should you begin to do to be more effective?

The 360 Burke LAS is available for $385. EASI•Consult will administer the test and provide feedback to the test-taker for an additional charge.

The certification process for the 360 Burke LAS involves two days of in-person training, however EASI•Consult is willing to consider virtual training opportunities. A minimum of six people is needed to conduct the certification.  The cost of certification is $2,750, which includes materials, as well as Burke LAI Self and 360 Burke LAS results for the participant.

Certification for the Burke LAI Self Report does not include certification in the Burke 360, but EASI will offer a $350 credit for those having obtained the Burke LAI Self Report Certification to be used toward the cost of 360 Burke LAS certification. We anticipate launching the 360 Burke LAS certification later this summer.

David Hoff is the chief operation officer and executive vice president for leadership development at EASIConsult®.  EASIConsult® works with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and mid-sized corporations to provide customized Talent Management solutions. EASIConsult® specialties include individual assessment, online employment testing, survey research, competency modeling, leadership development, executive coaching, 360-degree feedback, online structured interviews, and EEO hiring compliance. The company is a leader in the field of providing accurate information about people through professional assessment. To learn more about EASIConsult®, visit www.easiconsult.com, email ContactUs@easiconsult.com or call 800.922.EASI.

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